Modern businesses are striving to increase their agility. They constantly need to adapt and innovate their products and services to stay ahead of competition. For this technology has become an essential differentiator, and in particular Information Technology stands in the spotlight.

IT leaders have an important task to facilitate and enable business agility. Therefore, IT organizations need to develop new and strengthen existing capabilities and increase business focus and strategic thinking. offers a clear and comprehensive roadmap that prepares your IT organization for the future.  


Our roadmap helps you to take the right direction and determine the right priorities within your IT strategy. With our services you will take major steps towards agility and high performance in order to meet today’s challenges. Your IT organization will add value to the business and stimulate product innovation and business agility, with motivated and passionate people. To reach this goal a broad range of aspects need to be developed and aligned within IT.
The roadmap we use is based on the experiences of IT leaders at companies that have already gone down this road and is supported by extensive scientific research.

Central in our roadmap is a growth strategy that comprises of four consecutive stages. Every company appears to go through these four stages to subsequently develop and strengthen specific IT and business competences.

The fourth stage is the desired state where reliability, high performance, innovation and agility are combined. At we call this stage the High Performance stage,

The High Performance stage builds on the competences that have been developed in earlier stages. The most important differences with previous stages are an orientation on continuous improvements and a continuous search for additional opportunities on top of reaching predefined goals. 

Other important characteristics of the high performance stage are high levels of energy, motivation and empowerment among the people in the organization. 

The coherence of all prerequisites and aspects required for High Performance are combined in our roadmap along with examples, questionnaires and more. The roadmap spans four specialisms that are necessary for the transition: 

  • Definition of a clear growth strategy,
  • Development of processes and organization,
  • Development of people, culture and leadership,
  • Adoption of Multimodal IT as a framework for modern IT organizations. focuses on your management team,
helping them to establish the optimal conditions, prerequisites, structures, culture and behaviors within your IT organization. 
All aimed to provide the best possible value to the business.

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