Our services

We organize master classes, presentations, workshops and quick scans around topics such as:  IT strategy, Growth Stages, Multi-modal IT, Agility and Culture. Additionally we offer advice and support on implementing strategy, increasing agility, and manage the culture in your team.

The service listed below should give a good impression of the kind of work we can do. Obviously all master-classes, workshops and services are tailored to your requests and needs.

Master class - Using growth stages to build modern, agile and high performing IT

Pressure increases on today’s CIOs to actively contribute to the company’s competitiveness and strategic goals. How to swiftly prepare and modernize your current IT organization for this new task? Looking back one can see that IT organizations typically develop through four consecutive growth stages. And companies need to grow through all of these four stages to be successful.
This master class explores the four growth stages and the differences between these on aspects (characteristics) such as strategic orientation, leadership, culture, sourcing strategy and many more. 


After this master class you will understand how the covered topics relate to each other. You can observce and recognise the maturing process in your own IT organization. Finaly you will understand - on strategic level - what are the prerequisites for agility, innovation-power and high performance.

- Theory of growth stages in IT organizations.
- Four growth stages in detail incl. purpose of each stage.
- IT leadership in modern IT organizations.
- Business' maturity in managing IT.
- IT architecture in relation to these growth stages.
- Characteristics of Agility and High Performance.
- Sourcing strategy in relation to growth stages.
- Culture and cultural congruence.
Duration: 0,5 - 1 day
Location: on-site
Format: Interactive class-room

Quick Scan IT maturity (growth stages):

Pressure increases on today’s CIOs to actively contribute to the company’s competitiveness and strategic goals. How to swiftly modernize the current IT organization? Did you know that IT organizations typically develop through four distinct growth stages? And companies need to grow through all of these stages to be successful!

This quick scan helps you understand where you stand, and which factors need additional development in order to transform to the next stage towards high performance and agility (you are also challenged if and where this is required). It also helps you understand the dimensions that need your attention where further growth is required.

Via interviews, questionnaires and observations a clear picture is obtained of the current status. The results are presented in a powerpoint and plotted on the roadmap. 

Master Class - Culture foundation and culture congruence in IT organizations

Finally culture-awareness is on the today's agenda of IT. Why did we neglect culture for so long in our relatively young profession? Anyhow, culture is seen as the key success factor for a modern agile IT organization. Having said that, most of us do not know where to start and what to do. This workshop you will learn that culture may be complex and stubborn, but is actually not so difficult to influence as you might think...


This master class aims to create awareness and understanding of culture in your organization. You also will learn some basic skills to analyse and influence culture in your team or organization.

- Understanding organizational culture,
- Culture typologies,
- How are cultures formed?
- Why are cultures so harsh?
- Can we infuence culture? Yes, we can!
- What is the role of leaders and hero's,
- Importance of cultural congruence,
- How can we measure our culture?
1 day (master class)
2-4 hrs (presentation/workshop)
Location: On-site
Format: Interactive class-room

Quick Culture scan:

The quick culture scan will give you a good feel about the existing culture in your team/organization. We combined two well known frameworks about culture analyses into our quick scan, the competing values framework (Cameron & Quinn) and the theory of Edgar Shein.



Culture Interventions:

Culture interventions are crucial for successful transformations. The last few years for example, Gartner and CGI have significantly increased their focus on culture and cultural congruence as key success factors for modern IT organizations [sources].
The competence to manage culture and resistance starts with understanding culture, its manifestations and how espouse believes and dogma’s can hinder your transformations. And the awareness that (and how) organizational culture is different from national and social cultures.

Organizational culture is like a finger print. It is formed by a unique combination (interaction) of national culture, company culture, personalities and history of a group of people. Each group of people that intensively collaborate has its own cultural fingerprint (like a sub-culture). We use two models to analyze, visualize and understand the existing dominant culture. With this knowledge we can collectively design and execute culture interventions to embed new habits and behaviors firmly in the people’s day-to-day routine.

This service is intended to coach and train your staff to execute the culture interventions themselves. Our coaching typically requires 1-2 days on-site presence, for a period of 4-6 weeks depending of course on the scope of the cultural change required.

Interim IT Management:

We offer highly experienced senior interim IT managers for both line as well as project & program management positions. We strongly believe in “no change no progress”. Modern IT organizations need to be fit for change and their leaders should facilitate this. This requires agile and creative leaders who easily adjust to your current and future needs and understand how modern IT organizations are best structured and led. Change is the constant and managing all aspects of change is our passion.