About us

Christiaan has a long trackrecord in Information Technology in different management positions and in different branches. He has witnessed the development of IT from the punch cards to the contemporary Internet era, and the speed of innovation in IT is only accelerating. This will open up new possibilities we cannot imagine today.

Christiaan is fascinated by the challenges today's IT leaders face to live up to this speed. How can they safely and reliably run today's (legacy) applications and at the same time progress (accelerate) on the road of innovation and agility. 

Learning from experiences of other companies (the front runners), he now dedicates his time to help IT leaders in their quest for high performance, agility and power-to-innovate.
He conducts master classes and workshops and offers strategic advice on these matters, with particular attention to people and culture.

Contact Christiaan on: christiaan.kooijman@agility.nu


Lei Wang, born in China, is cofounder and culture coach. Lei is passionate about connecting people, technology and business. She is specialized in human relationships and cultural differences. She worked as Global Alliance Manager and Business Development Director at a major IT company. In this role she constantly bridged the gap between organizational goals & interests and the motivations of individual people.  

Next to that Lei is part-time teacher in Chinese language and culture for highly gifted Dutch speaking children.

Contact Lei on: info@agility.nu