Culture shift for Agility and High Performance

1. Shift from focus on short term profitability to enduring customer delight.


2. Leaders should reduce their need to oversee and control work in favor of empowering people and teams and enabling work and value creation.

- Motivating people
- Stimulating self-development
- stimulating and energizing
- Shift from task orientated leadership to intend based leadership. 
-  ….


3. Shift from efficiency & predictability towards transparency & continuous improvement, basically a culture typology shift from a hierarchy culture typology to an adhocracy.


4. Coordinating by rules and bureaucracy to self organizing teams. Set clear gardrails within teams can make their own decisions and judgements.

- shift to funding value streams i.s.o. funding projects
- Form 'stable' multidisciplinair teams.
- Redefine "success". It is not to finish a job within budget on time. It is contribute/maximise customer value, be flexible and agile.
- Develop in short cycles, eg. using scrum or DSDM.
- Review & learn from experience.


5. Balance Vertical versus Horizontal communication.

- data-based decisions, maximise contribution to customer value 
- clear guardrails and rules for exception reporting



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